Hans Lucas


Depuis 2006, Hans Lucas est un écosystème qui invite des photographies auteurs, émergents ou reconnus, à faire ensemble.
L’agence a un portefeuille clients de 1 200 médias et est notamment diffusée à l’international par l’AFP et REUTERS.

Frederic Desmesure uses photography for what it is: for it’s acuity to show the world. On a more prosaic level he asks what makes us humain, while observing the world around us, with as much amazement as disgust, with as much admiration as fear, with as much joy as sadness. This has led him to develop a photography both existential and factual, first for himself: to live, learn, understand and if possible translate a flux of collected images and absorbed emotions to share his unique point of view.
Born in the century of grains and silver, in 64′ in the fair wine country of Bordeaux, Frederic Desmesure initially began his career (priesthood!) with the odours of hyposulfite, Ricard and cigarette smoke with the staff of the daily newspaper: Sud-Ouest Bordeaux. Them he trained in the National School of Photography in Arles where he graduated in 1991, promotion Charles Nègre. From there he went into the real life of photography commissioning portraits and reports for the press or corporate with (and without) the agency Editing and them agency Signatures until 2016. His interest in other art forms has led him to photograph in the fields of dance, theatre and opera.
Frederic desmesure is also part of the online gallery « Les Bains Révélateurs » as well as the « Wallguest » platform / broadcast of rental photographic prints.Currently he lives in Paris, working between Paris and Bordeaux, sleeping in the TGV ( high speed trains).
He has been a member of Hans Lucas since October 5, 2017.